Kamogawa Inn Nihonbashi

Close to Tokyo Station.
Just a couple of blocks away from Ginza Street.

Kamogawa Inn Nihonbashi is a budget hotel and located in the heart of Tokyo, the place called Nihonbashi. Although Tokyo is a very complex city, the location of the hotel is so easily accessable to Narita International Airport and Tokyo CBD( Central Business District) such as Akasaka, Roppongi, Shinjyuku and Shibuya by subway called Tokyo Metro all within 30 minutes.
The hotel is also within a walking distance to Tokyo station where Shinkansen(Bullet trains) depart to all the direction of Japan.

Nihonbashi(as a place of interest)

Nihonbashi literally means Japan Bridge.
This place has a full of historical background of Tokyo.

From Narita International Airport
(by limousine bus to Nihonbashi Hakozaki and take a taxi - one metre -)

Room Rate One person Two People
Single Room 8,400 -
Double Room 9,030 14,175
Twin Room 9,975 14,175

Room Rate One person Two People
Single Room 7,770 -
Double Room 9,030 12,600
Twin Room 9,975 12,600

*the rate above includes the consumption tax.
*all major credit card are welcome(Visa, Amex, JCB)

Type of the Rooms

Check In 14:00pm
Check Out 11:00am

ŸPlease inform us if you arrive late.
We may cancel the booking if we do not receive any contact more than two hours
later than previously notified time.

Room Facilities
ž refrigerator
ž tooth brush
ž bath room amenities
ž self- served tea and green tea
ž hairdryer
ž work desk
ž colour TV
ž pay TV system
ž air-conditionings
ž Japanese Style Pajamas

Hotel Information
First floor
Japanese Breakfast (Buffet Style)
840(includes consumption tax)
No operation for lunch and dinner, however a variety of restaurants are located nearby.

ŸMeeting Room
First floor
Able to reserve after 12:00pm.
Minimum 3 hours at the cost of  26,250(inclules consmption tax)

Ÿ Vending Machine
Beer, Juice, instant food are available for 24 hours
4F, 8F
Ÿ Coin Laundry
8 F
Ÿ Domestic and International Carrier
Available at front desk
Ÿ Parking
One night 2,100(include consumption tax)
Ÿ Others
iron board
non smoking room
internet connection room

Kamogawa Inn Nihonbashi
(near Nihonbashi Bridge)
(only five minutes walks from Mitsukoshimae station)

Address  §103-0023  1-4-14 nihonbashihoncho chuo-ku  Tokyo Japan
TEL 81-3-3231-1070  FAX 81-3-3231-1081  E-Mail reserve18@kgh.ne.jp

Provisions Governing Accommodation Agreements

Application of Provisions

Article 1. Accommodation contracts and related contacts to be entered into by this hotel shall be in accordance with these provisions and particulars not provided for in these provisions, shall be made in accordance with the laws and customary practices.
2. Notwithstanding the previous paragraph,this hotel may enter into special agreements to the extent that they will not run counter to the spirit of these provisions, the laws and customary practices.

Rejection of Accommodation Requests

Article 2. This hotel may refuse to provide accommodation in the following circumstances:
(1)When the accommodation request does not come under these provisions.
(2)When this hotel is booked full and no room is available.
(3)When a person seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct himself in a manner contrary to that provided in the laws or the maintenance of public peace and good morals, through his stay in this hotel.
(4)When a person seeking accommodation can be clearly detected as being affected with an infectious, disease.
(5)When requested to bear a special burden, as regards the accommodation
(6)When this hotel is incapable of providing the accommodation due to natural calamities,damage to its facilities and other unavoidable causes.
(7)When a person seeking accommodation can be clearly detected as a drunken person,who is in danger of giving other guests much trouble.

Clarification of Name etc.

Article 3. When this hotel has accepted a request for accommodation in advance of the day of occupancy (hereinafter called request for accommodation reservation) it may request the person making the reservation to clarify the following particulars, within a designated period.
(1)Name,sex,nationality and occupation of the person(s) occupying the accommodation.
(2)Other particulars deemed necessary by this hotel.

Reservation Deposit

Article 4. When this hotel has accepted a request for reservation of accommdation,it may request the payment of a deposit, limited to charge of accommodation for the period of stay(when the period of stay is over 3 days.it shall be for 3 days)within a designated period.
2. When the deposit in the previous paragraph comes within the scope of the follwing articles, it shall be made to cover the cancellation charge with any remainder refunded.

Cancellation of Reservation

Article 5. When the person making the reservation cancels the whole or a part of the resevation made, this hotel shall receive payment for the cancellation as stipulated in the cancellation charge, shown bereunder,However,this provision shall not apply to parties(referring to groups with 15 paying members and more the same hereafter)up to 10% of its number, as of 10 days prior to occupancy,(when this hotel has accepted the reservation later than this date, then the date of acceptance shall apply)- with franctions counted as whole - when such cancellation was made for a portion of the group.
2. This hotel may consider the reservation for accommodation as having been cancelled by the person making the reservation, when the guest(s) does not appear by 9:00p.m. of the day of occupancy and when he has not contacted this hotel beforehand.(When the hour of arrival is more or less stated, then it shall be 2 hour after that hour.)
3. When the reservation has been considered as cancelled,in accordance with the previous paragraph, but if the guest is able to show that his failure to appear without contact was due to the delay or non-arrival of the train, airplane or other public conveyances and not to any cause due to him, this hotel will not receive the cancellation charge.

Article 6. In addition to that provided for elsewhere, this hotel shall be enabled to cancel the reservation for accommodation in the follwing circumstances:
(1)When it comes under clause 3 to 7 of article2.
(2)When the clarification of paticulars in clause 1 of article 3 has been requested and complied with, within the designated period.
(3)When payment of the reservation deposit, stipulated in article 4 paragraph 1,has been requested and not complied with, within the designated period.
2. When this hotel has cancelled the reservation for accommodation, in accordance with the previous paragraph, it shall refund any deposit receive for the reservation.


Article 7. Guests shall register the following particulars with this hotel at the front office, on the day of their arrival.
(1)Particulars stated in clause 1 of article 3.
(2)In the case of foreigner,his passport number,place of landing and date of landing in Japan.
(3)Day and hour of departure.
(4)Other particulars deemed necessary by this hotel.

Check-Out Time

Article 8. The hour for vacating the room by the guest(check-out time)shall be 10:00a.m.
2. The previous paragraph notwithstanding,this hotel may accede to the use of the room beyond the check-out time.In such a case,there is an additional charge as listed here-under.
(1)Until 1:00p.m. ----- 30% of room charge
(2)Until 3:00p.m. ----- 50% of room charge
(3)After 3:00p.m. ----- A full room charge

Payment of Bills

Article 9. In principle the hotel charge shall be paid in cash in advance.
However,anything approved by the hotel is excluded.
2. Guests shall pay for the accommodation from the commencement of occupancy,even when be voluntarily chooses not to use the facility.

Observance of Rules

Article 10. Guests shall observe the rules established by this hotel and posted whithin this hotel.

Rejection of Continued Occupancy

Article 11. This hotel may reject the continued occupancy of the room,even for the period accepted,in the following circumstances:
(1)When it comes under clauses 3 to 7 of article2.
(2)When the guest does not observe the rules stated in previous article.

Responsibility on Accommodation

Article 12. The responsibility of this hotel concerning accoomodation shall start from the time the guest is resistered at the front office or when he enters his room,whichever is the earlier, and terminates at the time he leaves his room to depart.
2. When the guest can no longer be accommodated due to reasons for which this hotel is responsible, the hotel shall arrange to secure accommodation of the same or similar standard for the guest at facilities elsewhere,excepting cases of natural calamities and other causes making its observance difficult.In such a case,there shall be no charge to the guest for the accommodation at this hotel for the day.