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Welcome to Kamogawa Grand Hotel

Kamogawa Grand Hotel has a 300 year history since it was a small inn.
the hotel has been serving to the Royal families of Japan including the Emperors and Empresses, the Princes and Princesses.
the reputation of its kind and well-trained staffs is well known all over Japan.
the motto of the hotel is "all the guests are everlasting, important family of the hotel".

the hotel is located on the beach just in front of the Pacific Ocean.
the view from the hotel is magnificent, and it makes a perfect impression as a resort hotel.
Not only its surrounding beautiful nature, the hotel is equipped with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, grand baths, outdoor baths, a fancy continental restaurant, a bar, a music hall, convention halls, and so on.

Located within a walking distance from Kamogawa Sea World, it is such a wonderful get-away destination for the Tokyoites.
It is just two hour away from the central Tokyo.
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